What You Need To Know

The “Illuminati Order” is a Private Club. Membership into our club is by invite only. Our club is the brainchild of thirty of THE MOST SUCCESSFUL people in the world.

‘ILC’, as it’s called, officially launched October 21st, 2010. Illuminati Legacy currently has members in over 150 countries all around the world.

There are Membership Levels in the Illuminati Legacy (ILC). Members must qualify for each Membership Level by meeting specific requirements, and must be approved by the Illuminati Legacy.

As Members progress through each successive level, they are given additional classified benefits. The requirements and benefits of each successive level will be revealed relative to the achievement of your current level. Thus, you can learn about Level II, only after completing Level I. This continues through to Level IV. Read
The Four (4) Member Levels of Illuminati Lagacy Council Consists of:

2-Global Leaders
3-Members of Royal Families
4-Current Highest Ranking Members of The Most Powerful Clubs, Organizations and Associations in the World

Who Our Legacy Is For:

-People who want more out of life
-Want More Money
-More Success
-Better Health
-Better Relationships
-Want Financial Freedom & Independence
-Insider information
-Top Achievers
-People Who Have Goals and Dreams
-Success Oriented, Motivated People
-Enthusiastic, Positive People
Many of Our Members Are:

-Fortune 500 Executives
-Heads of Financial Institutions
-Famous Authors
-Sports Superstars
-International Real-Estate Developers
-World Renowned Doctors & Health Experts
-Mega Successful Online Pioneers
-Leaders in Their Respective Fields
Many members are people who WANT to achieve success, make more money and increase their own personal control, Love, Ministries, power, confidence, certainty and security. Many people join Illuminati Legacy because they have not yet achieved wealth, but WANT financial freedom and independence. They have goals and dreams and WANT them to come true. Maybe this is YOU right now